2013. június 20., csütörtök

Tiki-taka analysis

We can call the Spain's and specially the Barcelona's style as: tempo attack. This is an attacking conception based on possession.

Definition of tempo attack: 
-Finding and taking advantage of opponent's impotent moment.

Purpose of tempo attack: 
-Raid on the vulnerable point.

 Tempo attack has an important element: "surprise effect". When can we do it? 
-Opponent's bad rhythm reaction
-Speed difference benefit of the attacking player
-Disruption of the oppontent's structure

Attacking organization tasks: 
1. Picking up the basic formation
2. Keeping/"frozing" the ball
    a., looking for the tempo
        -evolving gaps
    b., catching the tempo, hitting the inertia moment, starting the attack
3. Raid. Taking over the attack. Invasion to the defensive wall or breaking through the defensive line. 

This is just the theoretical basis of tiki-taka, more analyses with a lot of examples will come later.